Web Scraping

There's information and data all over the internet. What could you achieve if you had access to all the info from specific sources you need for your project?

Web scraping


Data extraction




No matter your informational needs, 1datatec can help you scrape the web and collect that data into usable forms for your requirements. Whether it's to aggregate competitor data, collect information for marketing purposes, pinpoint best SEO practices in your industry, or for any other project, our web scraping builds are second to none.

We create custom web scrapers that will parse the information gathered to create a dataset that you can start working with right away.


Beyond just offering easier access to information from all types of media, web scraping offers your project some serious benefits.

Save Time

Manually scouring the web for specific information is incredibly time consuming. By automating this data extraction process through a custom-built web scraper, you'll have more time to perfect your projects instead of looking at the same sites over and over (and over) again.

Lower Overhead

By relying on our services, you can have your workforce devote their time to more pressing issues. This means spending less of your company's resources, specifically time and cash, on repetitive tasks that can be completed more quickly and with higher precision than other options.

Reduce Burnout

Without forcing repetitive tasks time and again on your team, you're far less likely to see your employees burn out over time. This also means far fewer mistakes over time, which also means spending less time trying to fix those human errors.

Higher Accuracy

Compared to web-scraping human counterparts, you won't have to worry about your information being copied over incorrectly or with incomplete data sets. Likewise, this also means pertinent data will always go in its right spot - stop wasting time looking for misplaced data cells.

Accurate, fast data collection

Our automated web scraping helps minimize and solve a variety of problems associated with manual scraping, including:

Obtain data points or segmented information that manual web scrapers may not be able to access

Automatically categorize and sort data based on a number of factors, including source, type, and more

Eliminate the need to search for and hire a full team dedicated to scouring the web - our custom automated scrapers will achieve better, faster, cheaper, and more accurate results

Radically lower the risk of human error in collecting and parsing data

Keep better track of your project's budget instead of debating over workers' hours or worrying about lower-than-expected outputs

Make smarter decisions based on improved consistency and usefulness of scraped data

Substantially lower time taken to gather information and data

How does it help?

Simply put, web scraping offers you the fastest and most accurate way of collecting all kinds of data online.

Web Scraping

Combine with automation

Reach goals faster than ever

When combined with automation services from 1datatec, our web scraping offers an array of benefits for your project. Depending on your specific needs, we can pinpoint the information online your work requires, including "hidden" (meta) information contained within media like online videos, sound files, and images. While gathering this data is entirely possible with manual scraping, it can be a laborious process that means you or your team will have to devote dozens of hours to. Via automation, your scraped data can be implemented into the larger scope of your projects and, as the name suggests, used automatically - thereby cutting out even more time and budgetary overhead. With web scraping from 1datatec leading the way, you won't only meet your data and information goals but shatter them with ease.

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