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Automation Developer

Data Scientist

Web Scraping Expert

With room for growth and a focus on great work done efficiently, the team here at 1datatec is made up of some of the best and most driven in the software development and data management industries. 

Don’t let that scare you away, though - we take pride in what we do and great work is compensated at competitive rates and given the attention it deserves. We understand the hard work you’ve put into getting where you are today and would be glad to have you become the newest part of our team. At least we are if you’re ready to create some of the best software and data tools on which our clients can rely. 

Still, we are results-driven. Because of this, the requirements posted for the positions below are set in stone. 

Culture and Growth

We expect professionalism and dedication to completing tasks and that projects work correctly. That being the case, we’re looking for like-minded, proven software developers and supporting staff to help with a variety of responsibilities and assignments.

If you’re consistent, efficient, knowledgeable in your field, and an all-around good person, you’ll fit right in with our team. 

Automation Developer

Analyzing, understanding and documenting the business processes in detail where required. Identifying and communicating the technical infrastructure requirements. Designing automated process solutions in accordance with standard design principles and conventions.

Experience with Selenium, Webdriver, CefSharp

Experience in .NET, C#, Python

Ability to work independently and in groups

Data Scientist

You’ll work closely with the end customer to understand their questions and needs, and then dig into their data-rich environment to find the pieces of their information puzzle. You will perform research on various data sources, including unstructured data. You will construct database search queries in multiple databases using SQL and API interfaces, perform web scraping, and apply various techniques for processing unstructured data.

Experience with Python or C#

Experience with using relational databases (MYSQL)

Experience with data manipulation, analytic and business insight tools, and data visualization

Web Scraping Expert

From automating data scraping, importing and validation tasks, to running statistical analyses and creating web-based visualizations to tell clear stories and let people explore data, we are looking for a creative technologist with well-rounded skills and experience with modern tools and approaches for doing great things with data across the entire production and use chain. The selected candidate will be a technical expert working in remote team.

Web crawling and scraping (python or c#)

Extracting, cleaning, and structuring data from structured or semi-structured sources

Professional engineering habits

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