Data Extraction

When you need to collect substantial amounts of data without bogging down your workforce, 1datatec can build a custom solution for you.

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Data extraction




Whether you need to collect metadata from images in a massive database, you want to gather forum comments that use a specific keyword, or anything in between, data extraction will turn the work into a monotonous task into what basically boils down to a single click of a button.

We have extensive experience building data extraction tools for all manner of projects, and the collected information will be immediately usable for whatever your needs might be.


Data extraction offers businesses a number of benefits that go beyond just saving your employees' effort.

Save Time

The efficiency offered by automated data extraction can save your business a substantial amount of time. Tasks that normally take a full day of work for an employee can be whittled down to a few minutes. Data extraction from 1datatec will mean finishing a month of data collection in under a day.

Increased Scalability

The data you need is out there in spades, and our data extraction tools can help you collect as limited or as much as you need. Stop being held back by the extreme limits of manual data collection.

Greater Accuracy

With complex projects or large datasets, you face many more chances for employees to make mistakes. Even minor collection errors can lead to major problems for you and your business. Our data extraction will consistently pull and parse information exactly how you need it delivered.

Reduce Costs

Hiring a team to gather data for your business can be costly, especially when paying hourly wages to people who can end up bogged down or burnt out. Automated data extraction bypasses this issue completely.

Easy, fast, and reliable data extraction

Our data extraction tools offer solutions to a number of problems brought about through manual collection, such as:

Increase office morale by assigning employees to tasks that actually require creativity and human input

Collect information that other collection methods can't find or gain access to

Zero chance for errors often caused by tired, overburdened, or inexperienced employees

Better monitor businesses pertaining to yours, whether this is your competitors, suppliers, or others within your industry

Rather than an ongoing salary or wage, pay only one time for tools you can run as often as you need

Ensure your business' stock and inventory remain updated at all times by automating data parsing and distribution after extraction

How does it help?

Pulling information from websites, movie files, images, audio tracks, and other digital sources is time consuming. Our data extraction tools get rid of that demand.

Data extraction

Pair data through API integration or automation

Beat the competition with less effort

There are countless applications for data extraction, and we have helped dozens of businesses achieve all kinds of goals through data extraction. For some businesses, data extraction can mean distributing customer comments to specific departments within the company to best meet customers' needs without using dozens of different email addresses. For other businesses, extraction might be needed to collect and monitor search engine optimization information. Another company will use data extraction to A/B test hundreds of marketing approaches to determine the best methods to boost sales and minimize customer loss.
When data extraction is paired with automation from 1datatec, there are nearly limitless possibilities for your business and its goals that require collecting, distributing, and using data.

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