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Repetitive tasks can suck a business dry of time and money. Automation tools from 1datatec can help keep your costs down and get your projects finally done on time.



Data Extraction


Web Scraping


Automation tools from 1datatec are designed from the ground up to complete a variety of repetitive and complicated tasks. Our bots can manage a number of jobs that otherwise are at risk of human error and extreme situational slowdown. You won't have to worry about our automation tools going "through a slump" or missing important information.

You don't have to rely on systems rife with problems just because they're how things have "always been done". It's time to update your processes and get work done faster and cheaper.


The benefits of 1datatec's automation tools go beyond just saving you time and money.

Handle complex deliveries with ease

Our automation tools will parse data from numerous sources into a single usable document, spreadsheet, or other type of digital deliverable. Make your collected information easier to use for additional automated or human-controlled tasks.

Minimize employee turnover

Whether we agree with their choice to leave a job or not, it doesn't change the fact some people will just get burnt out on highly-monotonous work. With automation leading the way, spend far less resources on hiring and rehiring for the same position over and over again.

Higher-quality employees

Train and hire employees to meet bigger, better, and more creative goals. When your employees no longer have to focus all of their energy hunting down information to be used for a specific project, you can train them to do jobs that no bot could ever compete with.

Avoid human error

Don't leave vital, but repetitive, tasks to chance - automation means the job gets done right every time it's needed

Solving problems with task automation

Deploying automation tools from 1datatec will help tackle a number of problems - achieve greater results, including:

Staff won't be stuck doing menial tasks that don't need much, if any, human intervention

Improve employee morale and lower the chances of burning out from repetition

Reduce your business's overhead costs by minimizing outsourcing needs

Completely eliminate the chance of human error for many tasks

Increase the speed of production

Output more work, effectively increasing your company's value as a whole

How automation helps

If there's a chance that human error can worm its way into your projects, there's a chance you'll lose business over those mistakes. Still, our automation tools offer more than just eliminating human error.

Web scraping and data extraction

Automated data pipeline

Lower overhead and time invested

Like its mechanical counterpart, automation helps businesses achieve better efficiency, improved work quality, and increased productivity overall. Likewise, the hours you put into collecting, parsing, and using data can be in more profitable endeavors, like direct B2B marketing, entrepreneurial advancement, networking, or in other aspects of your business that require true creativity or a human connection.
While displaced workers are often pointed to as a reason to avoid automation, the best leaders in business (such as yourself) understand that those same workers, when given more flexible yet challenging roles within your company, are statistically more likely to further increase productivity while creating a much more fulfilling work environment. The only real downside to automation is when managers use it as a one-to-one replacement of employees - especially when it's much more profitable to transition current employees to outreach, creative campaigns, and customer service.

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