Intelligent Dropshipping Automation

The customer owns a dropshipping company and struggled to effectively track orders, choose the most affordable supplier, and control inventory levels. Comparing vendors, placing orders, and keeping track of stock levels manually took time and was prone to mistakes. The customer needed a software solution that could optimize their dropshipping process and streamline their operations to deal with these issues.

Our team created a cutting-edge dropshipping automation program that keeps real-time track of orders on Amazon and the client's website shop. For each purchased SKU, the software examines the prices of multiple active vendors and chooses the least expensive option. Using the customer's address for dropshipping, it then places an order on the website of the selected supplier. By automatically choosing the most cost-effective supplier for each order, this automation helps the client save time and increase earnings.

The tool not only optimizes supplier selection but also keeps track of stock levels and catalogs products to guarantee accurate and current inventory information. Additionally, it streamlines the entire order management process by automatically broadcasting orders from Amazon to the dropshipper. The client greatly raised the efficiency of their business processes, decreased errors, and increased their profit margins by deploying this clever dropshipping automation solution.

Improved Customer Experience: 12% less order cancellations

Time Saving: 10 man hours per week

Cost Savings: 5-15% lower supplier costs on each order

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