Etsy Competition Analyzer: Monitoring Reviews, Sales, and Top Products

The client needed a solution to efficiently assess their rivals on They encountered difficulties manually monitoring sales performance, best-selling items, reviews, and seller ratings. The objective was to create a software that could automate the gathering and analysis of these data, giving insights for business decision-making and enhancing competitiveness.

Our team created a piece of software that tracks certain sellers' sales and identifies their best-selling items to keep an eye on the competition on Etsy. Additionally, the software compiles and analyzes reviews and ratings to give users a thorough insight of client opinions and satisfaction levels. The software provides a quick and accurate overview of the competitive environment on Etsy by automating the data collecting and analysis process, allowing the customer to recognize trends, advantages, and disadvantages of their rivals.

The client can make strategic decisions to improve their product offers, pricing, marketing plans, and customer service with access to these insights. They can take advantage of new trends thanks to the software and quickly adjust to market developments. The customer can use the Etsy Competition Analyzer to keep one step ahead of their rivals, strengthen their position in the market, and ultimately spur growth and success in their Etsy business.

Competitive advantage: Data insights

Strategic Pricing: Competition pricing overview

Trend identification: Capitalize on new opportunities

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