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From custom bot creation and complex web scraping to full-cycle automation software development, 1datatec helps eliminate repetitive tasks and boost your team's productivity with our tools and services.

IT Consulting

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IT Consulting

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Software Development

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IT Consulting

Businesses frequently face difficulties and complexity when it comes to their IT infrastructure and systems. IT consulting can be useful in this situation. It helps to overcome these obstacles, efficiently utilize technology, and integrate IT plans with business goals.

1datatec offers organizations professional advice and insights to help them make informed decisions and get the most out of their IT investments, whether it's improving current systems, deploying new technology, or managing cybersecurity issues.


Web Scraping

Web scraping


Data extraction




Web Scraping

No matter your informational needs, 1datatec can help you scrape the web and collect that data into usable forms for your requirements. Whether it's to aggregate competitor data, collect information for marketing purposes, pinpoint best SEO practices in your industry, or for any other project, our web scraping builds are second to none.

We create custom web scrapers that will parse the information gathered to create a dataset that you can start working with right away.


Business Process Automation

Automate Tasks

be more efficient
while lowering costs

Data Extraction

collect data and

API Integration

get your systems and
processes working together

Business Process Automation

Business process automation offers your business a way to eliminate holdups from repetitive or complicated tasks. Our automation tools remove unnecessary human error and inefficiency - letting you manage your business rather than worrying about missed data or unreliable employee output.

When you're ready to take your business beyond what's currently possible, get in touch with us for a free consultation to determine the best route toward automating your systems.

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Who we are

Simply put, we are a team of developers who excel in helping clients achieve their software development and web scraping goals.






Over the years, our team has established itself as a trusted leader in the automation industry. We have done this by consistently providing clients exactly what their projects need on time and on budget. And when it comes to those times when systems don’t quite line up, we offer immediate support services should any unexpected issues come up.

We also understand that your time is incredibly valuable to you. We aren’t going to make you jump through arbitrary hoops to get your project off the ground, nor will we make you wait for what feels like an eternity to get your new tools delivered.

Our cases

With hundreds of data projects under our belt, we have a number of cases available for you to peruse. If you're looking for something different or for more specifics, get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Streamlining Office Supplies and Stationery Shop Operations

Streamlining Office Supplies and Stationery Shop Operations

Streamlining Office Supplies and Stationery Shop Operations

The client runs an office supplies and stationery shop and faces challenges in managing various aspects of the business, such as stock tracking, order processing, and reputation management.

The primary issue was the time-consuming and labor-intensive manual handling of these tasks. The goal was to create a comprehensive solution that would automate and streamline these operations, helping the client save time, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

Cost Savings: two full-time agents

Effective Reputation Management: +70% feedback replies within 1 hour

Enhanced Decision Making: Clear overview of marketplaces

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Intelligent Dropshipping Automation

Intelligent Dropshipping Automation

Intelligent Dropshipping Automation

The customer owns a dropshipping company and struggled to effectively track orders, choose the most affordable supplier, and control inventory levels. Comparing vendors, placing orders, and keeping track of stock levels manually took time and was prone to mistakes. The customer needed a software solution that could optimize their dropshipping process and streamline their operations to deal with these issues.

Improved Customer Experience: 12% less order cancellations

Time Saving: 10 man hours per week

Cost Savings: 5-15% lower supplier costs on each order

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Real Estate Intelligence Platform

Real Estate Intelligence Platform

Real Estate Intelligence Platform

A real estate agency previously relied on three employees manually searching for new posts on various websites and analyzing them. They would then transfer the data to a spreadsheet for further processing, which was slow, inefficient, and prone to human errors.

1datatec developed a software solution that automates data aggregation and reposts ads on a real estate platform. The platform manages a database and analyzes a variety of statistics. Additionally, it tracks rental price fluctuations and identifies locations with the best ROI for rental properties.

Cost Savings: thousands of $ in salaries

Improved Efficiency: Less human errors

Quick response: Complex calculations automated

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What our customers say

Our clients love what we do! Some of our favorite things they've said include:

Jonas Lismont


Great work, thank you! Looking forward to continue the collaboration.

Brian Seidensticker

Brian Seidensticker

Tax Sale Resources Inc (TSR)

Tax Sale Resources Inc (TSR). is an industry leader of data and analytics for the distressed real estate industry. As demand for TSR’s services grew, we quickly identified the need to automate pieces of our data aggregation process. Collecting data from over 3300 jurisdictions, 250+ of which requiring constant cycling was an enormous undertaking.

Having worked with several vendors, TSR found a true partner in 1datatec. 1datatec was and continues to be instrumental in the continued success of TSR. Building and maintaining a data collection system that continually adapts to the ever changing landscape of websites and data formats.

Victor Soto

Victor Soto


They provided a great service and went the extra mile to achieve what we needed. Great communication, fast turnaround and great quality. Great company to work with. Will work with them again!

Ryan Lowe

Accelerated Ventures LLC

An incredible developers to work with. Highly Professional with excellent programming abilities.

Brett Adams


What can I say about 1datatec?

– From the beginning they took the time to answer my questions

– They had an excellent grasp of what it is I needed to have done.

– Communicated fast and frequently

– They provided an excellent script

I highly recommend 1datatec for any automation work!

Keongtae Kim

Keongtae Kim

Chinese University of Hong Kong

This is not a first time that I used 1datatec. They has been always best in several ways. They had kept on time and honest. They were also excellent in doing their job.

Jaqui Long

Fantastic coders – would absolutely recommend. Was very happy with all work and their work ethic is fantastic. Fast results. Knows their stuff. Thank you!

Edward Jaszi

Edward Jaszi

Noted Inc

1datatec has done great work on this project, delivering quality work beyond expectations with a short turnaround. I look forward to continuing to work with them.

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