Websites Creation Automation

The client runs an online marketing firm in which they are required to produce thousands of websites every year.
We’ve been able to help the client automate a number of day-to-day activities, saving them countless hours in tedious manual labor.
We were able to help our client accomplish the following:

Large scale

Data aggregation

Automated monitoring

Content Generation and Website Deployment

In order to build a large amount of web properties you need a large amount of data and it’s not economical to generate each piece of content by hand, especially at scale. Through our web scraping automation, the client is able to produce a large database of content needed to fuel their agency.

Purchasing domains, generating websites, setting up hosting, installing themes and everything else required to launch a website can be tedious and mind numbingly boring (or expensive and difficult to manage with staff). With automation, it can be dead simple. Using the bots we've help our client develop, we were able to cut their staff to basically zero by allowing them to launch full scale campaigns with the click of a few buttons.

Web scraping automation
Large database of content
Automated domain purchase, hosting set up & more

Web Page Development

Once the websites have been launched, they need content. This is where our data scraping, content generation, and website deployment meet. By taking the large-scale data aggregation and combing it with the large-scale website deployment, we have been able to help the client to generate a monstrous network of websites that generate consistently increasing traffic and leads for their agency.

Web scraping automation


Produce a large database of content

Website Deployment


Create and launch websites



Automation solution for management and updating

Monitoring, Management, and Updating

one solutions chart

Once the website content has been launched, monitoring it can be a nightmare if you don’t have a system in place that provides consistent updates to ensure everything is running as it should. In order to solve this issue, we helped our client develop a number of automations designed to monitor uptime and make small tweaks on the sites to ensure they are operating at 100%.
All of the above projects have allowed the client to leverage automation, maintain a lean staff, and steadily increase profits through the past 7 years.

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