SoundCloud Automated Music Marketing Analysis

The client is a company focused on music marketing analysis. They looked into the fans of particular musicians inside particular genres, and they then found out who else those fans were following. The next step would be to gather the contact information of the artists' representatives. A dedicated marketing intern completed all of this job manually, which was time-consuming and scope-constrictive.

1datatec team created software that completely automates this procedure. First, the program examines the fans of a certain artist within a particular genre (e.g., hip hop, or soul, or indie, etc.). It then determines who else these followers are following, and for relevance, the procedure is repeated recursively. To ensure a targeted approach, the software is set to only take into account musicians that have been active in recent years and have accumulated a particular number of fans.

Following the creation of a list of relevant artists, the software goes on to scrape the contact details of their agents, giving the business a useful database for their marketing initiatives. The amount of time previously spent manually gathering and analyzing data has been significantly cut down thanks to this approach, which also gets rid of human capacity restrictions.

With the use of this software, the business is now able to carry out contact acquisition and targeted music marketing analyses instantaneously, resulting in increased productivity, a wider audience, and more successful marketing campaigns.

Time Savings: 3-4 man hours daily

Expanded Reach: 250% more useful data daily

Improved Conversion Rate

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